FFPE Sections in Europe

In accordance with Article 22 of the Statutes of the European Public Service Federation (Federal FFPE), an Institutional Committee is set up within each Institution or European organisation, to represent the Institution in federal bodies.

Within the European Union, the FFPE is represented in the Council, the Parliament, the Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions EESC / CoR, the EEAS External Service and the Commission.

At the commission, the FFPE is composed of sections. Several sections are established in the Joint Research Center (JRC), one per site: in Ispra, Seville, Geel, Petten and Karlsruhe. A local section is located at the Commission in Luxembourg. All these sections are grouped together by the section "Brussels and Outside Union" which represents the Institutional Committee "Commission" at the federal level. Other FFPE sections are being created in the executive of the Commission and regulatory agencies.
Outside the EU, the FFPE is represented at Eurocontrol, the Council of Europe and the EPO European Patent Office.

The accessible sites of the FFPE components are listed here.

The Federal FFPE

The FFPE rules adopted by the General Assembly of the founding members on the 11th of January 1962 have been modified the 1st of July 1974, the 14th of February 1983 and the 20th of January 2005. By clicking on the hereunder picture, you will have access to the latest release.




FFPE Eurocontrol

EUROCONTROL officials have a big role in European construction and more particularly in European air traffic control and their efficacy in their work attracts more and more attacks from anti-Europeans. These attacks are, for the most part, made by competing organizations or people who have always been determined and who still are determined to reduce its subordinate functions.

FFPE Council

Colleagues working in the Council of the EU can find information on its FFPE branch on the Council's intranet (Domus/HR & Admin/Social Dialogue/FFPE).