Welcome - Bienvenu

Founded in 1962, the FFPE ‘s main objective consists in the defence of the interests of all staff of the European Institutions and the promotion of the independence and the excellence of the European Civil Service.

With a presence in most of the Institutions, the FFPE is a professional organisation, totally independent from external pressure groups and a- political. It represents a lean and modern trade union, which aims to build partnerships with the administration and the other unions.

In the Commission, the FFPE is established in the form of a non-profit organisation (an ASBL) according to Belgian law. Its legal form is a guarantee for its stability and integrity.
The FFPE's core task is to ensure that the staff of the European Institutions can achieve high-quality productive professional careers which are rewarding in terms of well-being and of personal development.
This objective also underpins the healthy status of a European Civil Service.

To achieve its goal, the FFPE currently acts at three different levels:

  •  Personal assistance: direct advice to colleague, legal support, training