25-26-27 January

Vote for the Federation FFPE - List 6 



  The elections to the Local Staff Committee must be the occasion to make your voice heard in the current unstable climate:

rest assured, the Federation FFPE will defend you with all its determination 


The personnel has something to say :

These elections are a major and immediate challenge. Not only because the Local StaffCommittee is competent in many aspects of your daily professional life (health and safety, office organisation, buildings policy, etc.), but also because staff must now make their voices heard with the greatest determination and clarity in the face of an Administration which, more than ever, is trying to impose its own ideas on you regarding telework, buildings policy, staff restrictions, arbitrary careers and promotions, to name but a few.

Because experience matters:

The Federation FFPE, one of the longest-established trade union organisations in the European civil service (founded in 1962), has the necessary experience and knowledge of the issues, procedures, and history and, quite simply, a recognised and effective record of trade union action in an environment as particular and changeable as the European civil service.

Truly independent:

Its strength lies largely in the values it embodies. Independence and solidarity are not empty concepts or slogans from another age. On the contrary, we believe that these values must more than ever accompany and support the professional life of all categories of civil servants and other agents of the European civil service, and beyond the institutional framework when privately-employed staff (cafeterias, security guards, IT...) are also victims of injustice.