8 March - International Women’s Day

The Federation associates itself with all those celebrating international women’s day.
We have the pleasure to offer you this virtual sprig of mimosa, the floral symbol of women’s day, but 8 March is not to be mixed up with Saint Valentine’s day:
it is a day for recalling and standing up for women’s rights.

International women's day was made official by the United Nations in 1977. So this is its 40th anniversary!
The 2017 theme is "Women in the Changing World of Work: Planet 50-50 by 2030".
To mark the occasion, UN Women, the United Nations entity for gender equality and the empowerment of women, is calling upon all players to "Step It Up for Gender Equality towards a Planet 50-50 by 2030".
Former Commissioner Viviane Reding rightly remarked that the day when we will no longer celebrate international women's day will be the day when we have achieved perfect equality.
The question of the day is therefore: What is the Commission doing to meet the challenge and set an example?
Since 2014, we have been waiting for a new equal opportunities strategy covering all forms of discrimination that can affect Commission colleagues.
Widening the scope of our diversity policy is welcome, but the draft text, which is still under consideration internally, needs to concern itself with women at all levels of responsibility and not just focus on senior management.
In the current difficult times we need to be particularly attentive to prevent any backsliding. Society is evolving, but step by tiny step. Housework and childcare remain predominantly tasks carried out by women.
The increase in the working week at the Commission to 40 hours has therefore made it more difficult for many colleagues to achieve work-life balance.
As a result, many female colleagues have simply given up hope of ever seeing their careers progress.
Mesdames, we are here to listen to you and to help to take your demands forward. Please send us your comments and proposals or your answers to the questions below, in replying to this mail:
Since the introduction of the new working week:
o   You easily adjusted and it did not present any major problem.
o   Your life became more stressful, but you are coping.
o   You quality of life has been seriously degraded.
Do you telework?
o   Yes, without any problems.
o   Yes, but not as often as I would like.
o   No, but I don't want to.
o   No, because I'm not able to for service-related reasons (or other, unspecified, reasons).
Do you work part-time?
o   Yes, without any problems.
o   Yes, but not the way I would like.
o   No, I don't want to or can't.
o   No, because my request was refused.
Do you feel that there is a specifically feminine approach to management and conflict-resolution?
o   No.
o   Yes.
o   Yes, but it should be better taken into account within the Commission (for example, by …)
The Commission Vice-President, Mr Timmermans, recently said that feminism was also a matter for men. Do you consider that the men in your hierarchy set a good example?
o   Yes.
o   Yes, but they could do better.
o   No.
Do you consider that the women in your hierarchy set a good example?
o   Yes.
o   Yes, but they could do better.
o   No.
The Federation also notes with regret that women are not active enough in trade union activities at the Commission. That is why we wish to see more of joining us and acting to press your demands.
We look forward to seeing you among us, helping us actively to advance your ideas!
You’ll never walk alone!