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Sickness insurance scheme (JSIS)

The FEDERATION seeks via this information note to ensure the long term viability of our sickness insurance scheme (JSIS) and to enable you to take informed decisions.
Theme of the day: hospital billing
We are very attached to our sickness insurance scheme, the JSIS, and wish to see it work well and in a sustainable manner for the benefit of all colleagues.
The key points that motivate us are:


Foreword by the FFPE's President, Pierre-Philippe Bacri

Opportunities for 55+ colleagues: the FEDERATION's proposals

Sooner or later, all the institutions' officials and many other staff are going to join the
"55+" group. The institution should therefore make the best use of their talents
throughout their careers: not just in its own interest, but also to promote job-satisfaction
(the two goals are mutually supportive).

The Federation wishes to celebrate 9 May 2017, Europe Day

The Federation wishes to celebrate 9 May 2017, Europe Day.
It supports the values underlying European integration.
 As a result, the Federation expects the Commission to launch a step forward based on an explicit clarification of the European project that can garner popular support.
In this year marking 60th anniversary of the Treaties of Rome, participation in the Europe Day celebrations and recalling the spirit and vision underlying Robert Schuman's Declaration of 9 May 1950 make even more sense.

Bending down before the powerful while bullying the weak augurs nothing good for the future

The Commission's 2017 work programme has a promising title: "Delivering a Europe that protects, empowers and defends".
The FEDERATION naturally warmly supports those political goals. But, to maximise the chances of success, the Commission needs to engage staff in delivering that programme. To do so, it would be wise for the Commission to show the way by making it its new year's resolution for 2017 to apply those noble aims within the institution by: Delivering a Commission that protects, empowers and defends staff!