Watch out for summer storms!

At the height of this year's summer holiday period, the Administration published an Administrative Notice (No 18-2017 of 26.07.2017) on the possible implementation of "leave in the interests of the service" under Article 42c of the Staff Regulations.

The notice provides little clarity on the grounds for triggering such a serious procedure, and it is not surprising therefore that it has given rise to varied reactions from colleagues, ranging from anxiety to perplexity.

Unacceptable arrangements surrounding the departure of OLAF's DG

The Federation salutes the “performance” of Mr Giovanni KESSLER who is on track to secure a sweet deal this week: resignation from his post as DG of OLAF, simultaneously transfer to an adviser “hors classe” post specially created for him in DG BUDG, secondment of that post to head up the Italian Customs authorities, and abolition of the adviser post on his departure.

These arrangements are said to be in the "interest of the service", without any further explanation being given, as if that catch-all formula could justify any arrangement.

Bending down before the powerful while bullying the weak augurs nothing good for the future

The Commission's 2017 work programme has a promising title: "Delivering a Europe that protects, empowers and defends".
The FEDERATION naturally warmly supports those political goals. But, to maximise the chances of success, the Commission needs to engage staff in delivering that programme. To do so, it would be wise for the Commission to show the way by making it its new year's resolution for 2017 to apply those noble aims within the institution by: Delivering a Commission that protects, empowers and defends staff!