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Consultations with our lawyers on international succession and taxation

consultations with the professionals of our law firm specialised in inheritance and international taxation.
 After two conferences organized on March 15 in French and then on March 20 in English, which many of you have followed and appreciated, the FFPE is launching a new consultation service with these specialized lawyers. 

Depending on the demand, we will schedule new sessions and adjust the duration of these sessions and their frequency.
If you cannot find availability for the first session, do not worry we'll schedule more soon.

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Questions about Belgian law ?

If you have any questions about individuals' rights; property rights; responsibility, insurances, road traffic; business law then continue here.


Questions about Internal law / conflict at work ?

If you have any questions related to evaluations, promotions, art.90, pensions then continue here.

The Belgian law of succession was recently modernised to make it relevant to 21st Century families. The reform will take effect on 1 September 2018.

What are the particularities that will be helpful for EU officials?

Who are the legal heirs? 

What rights does the surviving partner have over the deceased's property? Are they different for legal and other cohabitants? 

Is it necessary to ensure additional protection for the surviving spouse or cohabitant? 

It is possible to decide on the rights of all heirs in a will? Is it possible to make a living will with the heirs to organise the distribution of the inheritance through a family pact? 

Must all heirs be treated equally? 

Must gifts made by deceased during their lifetime be taken into account when deciding on the distribution of the inheritance? Are life insurance policies taken into account? 

What are the specificities for "blended" families?